A minimal blog

The one you just saw is my personal site.

It's a very simple blog I designed and code for myself and it's the result of dozen variations over the course of many months.

It runs on the amazing Kirby, a great file based CMS everyone should use.

And if you like my design, you can now have it. Not kidding. I finally decided to make a "theme" out of it and it's now available to be purchased.

Quick warning: if you're looking for a site full of bells and whistles, with countless options and infinite flexibility, well keep searching because this has none of those things.

This site comes with:

  • • No JS
  • • No Web-Font
  • • Zero Options
  • • No Featured Image
  • • No Sticky Post
  • • RSS Feed

If you want to make changes you can either code those yourself or you can shoot me an email and we can work something out together. Also keep in mind that Kirby is a commercial CMS and you need to buy a license to use it.

And that's it. If you want to buy it, the link is down below.


Buy the site for 9 USD